Doc Meyers- A Man of Spice and Life

Dr. Michael Meyers aka The Doc is a veterinarian and the brainchild behind our line of spices. A small town boy with big city taste buds, he grew up in a family where great food was a every day occurrence. With a deep passion for the hottest parts of life, he always found himself eating the spiciest of foods too, and when he needed more heat he created Doc Meyers’ World Famous Hot Pepper Shake! When he tasted it and began to sweat from his ears, he knew he had it just right. The rest of it….as they say…..was history!!!

Special Thanks

A special thanks to Austin G. White for introducing the Doc to his Texas Pequin Chilies and to Adam Celuch at Inlandesign in Edwardsville, IL for his fire label and website design.  To you guys, the Doc owes a lot, and he promises we will all share the good times.